Impartial ValuationOften it's hard to put a price on your own business. Let me give you an impartial valuation from someone who's not emotionally attached to the company.

Preparation for Business Sale
A couple of years ago I sold my last business for £8 million. Selling the business was a long and complex process that for some can become very daunting. I’ve learnt the lessons that I can now pass on to you. Bring me on-board and I will work with you all the way through to the successful sale of your business.

Putting a value on your business

Are you an entrepreneur looking for an exit strategy or a business owner who’s looking to retire? Selling a business can be a daunting undertaking but there is no need to worry as I can work with you to ensure you get the best price for the business.

All too often, businesses fail to sell due to the owner overvaluing the business. I can fully understand why this can happen because as someone who’s built up a highly profitable business in the past, you become emotionally attached to it. All the more reason why you need to invest in someone who can understand your business, see the potential in it and above all else, provide you with an impartial value, based solely on the facts, with no emotional attachment to the business being offered for sale.

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Getting everything in order

Like anything relating to the running of a successful business, careful planning and obtaining the correct understanding before you begin the process of selling will reap you the benefits in the long term:

  • First impressions count – If you were selling a car or a house, you’d want to make sure everything was in working order and presented well, the same goes for your business. This is the advantage I can bring as I will be able to review all aspects of the business with a fresh pair of eyes
  • The selling process – Selling a business is often more complex than selling a house, depending on the size of your business, it can often take more than a year
  • Putting the books in order – One of the first things a potential buyer will be looking for are the accounts for the past 3 years. If your books are not in order you are already projecting the wrong image of the business
  • High turnover or profit – Many business owners make the mistake in thinking that a company with a high turnover figure will attract a higher selling price. Profit becomes the key negotiator in any sale of a business as the prospective purchaser is looking for a return on their investment of the business they are buying
  • Seek legal advice – It is vital that you involve a legal representative to ensure all the necessary paperwork is filed correctly and that no stone is left unturned throughout the whole process
  • Get the right valuation – I can provide you with a valuation that’s based on facts and you will not only get a figure from me but you will also be given sound advice about your position within the market sector you are operating in to help build up the positive image you are seeking to obtain the best price for your business
  • Keep the wheels in motion – Remember that while all this is going on, your business needs to continue operating. It is often too easy to become so involved with the process of selling that your business suffers and ultimately may affect the final selling price.

Andy is a highly motivated individual with a passion to succeed. I have seen Andy grow his previous business from a start up to a business with a turnover in excess of 20m. I am delighted to see Andy back in business and his past skills and experience will be invaluable to future clients."

Alan Marston
Relationship Director
Barclays Corporate

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