A 'Can Do' AttitudeDescribed as a dynamic and passionate individual, I have a 'can do' attitude to helping existing businesses and entrepreneurs with their investment needs.

Business Angel
I'm passionate that every entrepreneur looking for advice on how to start a business should have the opportunity to access funding easily, simply and cost effectively. If you are looking for angel investment, then I can help you. I regularly receive business plans each year from entrepreneurs and businesses looking for equity investment to grow their company.

Supporting entrepreneurs and businesses

I can provide both financial and support solutions for entrepreneurs who are looking for advice on how to start a business as well as established businesses looking to expand. With extensive knowledge on running highly successful businesses and a wealth of contacts built up over years in business, I have all the tools to assist businesses and individuals achieve their goals for growth and success.

Having started a business in 1998 with an initial investment of £30,000 and turning that investment into a multi-million pound success, I know how critically important investment and advice can be and that's why I'm now working with start-ups, SMEs and national companies seeking angel investment or business mentoring.

Why is ARWood Consulting different?

I'm not a career consultant; I have successfully turned a small investment into a highly profitable multi-million pound business. I've been described as an energetic and dynamic business leader with a 'can do' attitude. I'm here for you and ready to provide you and your business with creative problem solving solutions to help you achieve your goals for future growth and success.

My investment criteria:

  • Innovation – Dynamic and innovative businesses often provide substantial returns on investment
  • Growth – Your company has the potential for explosive expansion with a scalable business model
  • Market Leader – You have the potential to become the market leader in your industry sector
  • Registered Company – Your company is registered in the UK
  • Sustainability – You have a competitive advantage over the competition with intellectual property or exclusive commercial rights for your product or service
  • Dynamic Team – An established management team with expertise in your chosen sector
  • Quick to Market – Requires little or no further development or investment in 'Proof of Concept'
  • Exit Strategy – Are you looking for a medium term exit strategy – through acquisition or flotation that can generate significant returns on investment for the company owners and the investor
  • Equity – Looking for an investment between £100K and £1 million in return for equity in the business – fully negotiable.

If you are an entrepreneur looking for that first step with a start-up, or an establish executive team seeking further expansion for your established business and you feel that you match my criteria above then I will be delighted to hear from you and start discussions for potential angel investment or providing advice on how to run the business.

If you are based in one of the regions listed below, I can provide you with the help and assistance you may be looking for:


A detail orientated highly focused and inspirational leader. Results driven with a consistent and energetic style."

Howard Collinge
Operations & Development Director, Sureterm Direct

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