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When you are running your own business, often you feel like it is you on your own against the world. Don't worry, I'm here to help you. No TV - this is the real world - so no dramas over what you have done. Simply a non-judgemental and highly confidential analysis, problem solving together of what has happened. Just you and me.

Business consultancy

As a business consultant, I focus on the successful delivery of business strategies being implemented to meet your goals. I understand that every company is different and I will provide you with a non-judgemental and highly confidential analysis of your current business, with solutions and opportunites presented. I'm not a career management consultant, my business know how is based on years of experience running highly successful businesses.

Why choose ARWood Consulting?

Many business consultants will write you a report and promise that if you follow the report you will become a millionaire!

  • Q1: If the consultant can make you a millionaire then why isn't he/she a millionaire themselves?
  • Comment: Without sounding big headed, I've proved it by becoming a self-made millionaire with a proven track record of building successful businesses from nothing.
  • Q2: Why don't you just write me a report like other consultants?
  • Comment: Every business is run by a leader, a personality and everyone is different. Reports mean nothing – with me it's hands on, holding hands, making changes together that counts.

Confidentiality and exclusivity

I will always be exclusive to you in your sector/industry whilst I'm a consultant to you. I will be available 24/7. If you're climbing the walls at 11.00pm, pick up the phone. I will never act as a business consultant to any of your competitors or in the same niche of your business. It would be you and me against the rest, with the goal of making you No.1 in your field. If you are already No.1 then congratulations but there is nothing wrong with staying ahead being bigger, better and faster.

Motivate, inspire and entertain

Whether you are looking to motivate, inspire, educate or entertain, I have the know how from having run successful businesses. I can carry out many roles for you, above and beyond providing lectures or presentations. While inspiration is truly priceless, I know that the investment of booking me to come and speak at your event will provide you with significant returns.

If you are based in one of the regions listed below, I can provide you with the help and assistance you may be looking for:


A detail orientated highly focused and inspirational leader. Results driven with a consistent and energetic style."

Howard Collinge
Operations & Development Director, Sureterm Direct

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